The main benefit of this product is that it means you can feed your horse regularly throughout the day without needing to be there. This frees up the owner while still ensuring the horse is cared for in the best possible way.


The automatic feeders allow your horse’s daily feeds to be precisely measured and delivered 6 times a day. The feed can be delivered in the way that best suits your animal’s needs and you can precisely monitor the quantities being distributed. 
The feeder handles all kinds of dry feed, including grains, hay, hay bricks, carrots, apples and medication.


• meals are divided into several daily rations (6 times a day)
• regular feeding
• allows the horse to chew for several hours, prevents boredom
• reduces stress and nervous behaviour once the feed has been distributed.
• allows precise management of balanced nutrition
• peace of mind
• maintains the balance of the horse’s autonomic nervous system
• feed is delivered on the ground (in a special trough).


Keeping horses at home is a great joy and is a dream for many owners. But it also presents some not-inconsiderable challenges, such as how to distribute your horses’ feed. Even if the horses are only fed 3 times a day (which is not sufficiently often), this means the owner has to come home at lunch time to feed them. It can be difficult to manage the feeding timetable, particularly if the owner has a busy social life. allows owners to improve their horses’ feeding patterns by increasing feeding times from 3 times a day to 6 or 7 times a day. This is a major benefit for the horse’s health and the owner can enjoy more free time, knowing their horses are being well looked after. 
The other main advantage is when the owner goes on holiday. It is much easier to find a trusted helper to come into the stable once or twice a day than to come 5 or 7 times. 


This product gives owners and stable managers the gift of freedom. Now they can organise feeding once a day, leaving the rest of the day free to deal with other tasks around the stables. It is no longer necessary to break off work in order to go round the stables feeding the horses. The horses are calmer when getting their feed and their ration can be specifically tailored to their needs. The stable hands can carry on with their work (exercising the horses, cleaning tack, mucking-out, etc.) without having to break off several times a day to feed the horses. 
This helps to cut labour costs, because the work can be better planned and made more efficient.



A racehorse is not fed in the same way as an endurance horse; a nervous horse is fed differently to a placid horse; and even a racehorse that runs over 1000 metres has different nutritional requirements to a racehorse that competes over 4000-metre courses. For racehorses, the preferred feed is grains because they provide carbohydrates that are more quickly absorbed into the body. For endurance horses, forage is more important in order to ensure a supply of slow-release carbohydrates. 


###strong/strong###when preparing for a competition. For example, feeding grains and forage together helps endurance, while the opposite is needed for a racehorse. Often horses arrive at the track either in a hypoglycaemic state, (having been put on a diet just before the race to ensure they are not overweight), or carrying too much weight.   
All these feeding challenges are a real headache for stables.
Feeders from allow the timing and distribution of feed to be precisely regulated to suit the horse’s sporting activities. In this way, it’s possible to ensure that the horse’s blood sugar levels are rising during the course of the race. 


We’d like to mention a study conducted by Doctor Joe Pagan of Kentucky Equine Research. He has published some interesting findings on the timing and division of feeding, concluding that:
Feeding horses several small meals a day (6 to 8 meals) will eventually become standard practice in horse racing.

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